One On One With Lydia BackHouse | Interview

Actress Lydia BackHouse

Lydia Backhouse budding actress with an infectious bubbly personality chilled in with us on our inbox for an amazing back and forth Q&A. Lydia Backhouse born in Sheffield, South Yorkshire England, caught the acting bug in Sheffield youth theatre for Much Ado About Nothing at the age of 7, a little music phrase at 16 (hopefully we get to hear more) and at 18 moved to LA. We had an amazing conversation covering her humble beginnings and her budding career…

Kicking off the interview we started with some random questions just so you could ease up and get to know this amazing actress from scratch

First question…

Coffee Or Tea?

Green tea

Yoga Or Cardio?

Cardio 100% I’m not LA enough yet to start yoga haha!

Not LA enough? Can you talk more on that?

I will certainly try. Not that being LA is a bad thing, trust me, there are a lot of stereotypical things that I am now into that are considered very LA such as hiking or honking your car horn every 5 minutes but as soon as I moved to LA every single one of my friends was asking me to join them at yoga class and I just thought “oh my, this must be some LA thing that’s not a big thing in England” I’ve tried it, I just can’t get into it… I’m more of a cardio treadmill girl listening to led zeppelin or the Rolling Stones.

Full body surf bud-summer ready abs or butt lift?

Lydia BackHouse

Oooo tough one. Right now, full body surf bod!

Gym subscription Or In-house workout?

Gym subscription (I need the motivation of others working out around me)

Favorite workout sets and how many reps?

I like HIIT training, including circuit training. I go by time rather than reps. For example, 60 seconds of burpees, 20 second rest, 60 second weighted squats, 20 second rest etc… I change it up each work out but always have 8 workout stations and I do the circuit 4 times. I hate it but I love it haha. I always divide my workouts by arm day, leg day and ab day, I never work them out together. My muscles need time to recover.

Ever had one of those after leg day were you can’t walk-feel like you literally wanna crawl and wish there was an escalator everywhere?

Oh yes… escalators everywhere would be great! While I’m back in England for a while I am having to drive a stick shift and when you’ve had leg day the day before it’s really hard to drive! I want my automatic car back. I rock climb every time I go to the gym so that kills my legs as it is, never mind when I have leg day as well.

Pizza or cupcakes?

PIZZA! It’s my weakness

Favorite pizza flavour?

Lydia BackHouse

veggie – no mushrooms

Full time vegan Or occasional mix with beef and dairy?

I was a vegetarian for 7 years but now I am slowly starting to eat chicken and turkey again. It takes some getting use to!

Bottle Of Champagne Or A Pint of beer?

Well, this depends on the situation and event. I can never say no to a blonde Belgium ale though… or a blue moon in the California sun!

Onesies and fluffy flip flops or silk lace lingerie?

I get hot too easily in onesies and I hate being hot so I will have to say silk lace lingerie… I also have an addiction to buying lingerie so that’s a problem haha!

Ladies Night Out Or Slumber Party?

Ladies night out! I love getting dressed up and having a boogie with my girls!

EDM influenced pop music or Disturbia-metal-hard rock?

HeadShot Lydia BackHouse

I like old school rock, not heavy metal though. When it comes to modern day music it would be EDM influenced pop music if I have to choose between the two!

Song currently on repeat on your playlist?

landslide by fleetwood mac will always be on repeat! I am partial to James Arthur’s new album though, that’s also on repeat a lot!

Rap music, Yay Or Nah?

BIG YAY… I love rap. I appreciate every single genre of music honestly!

Kreayshawn or Iggy Azalea?

I like Iggy but I don’t listen to either really.

Favorite rapper?

I’m a drake and chance the rapper girl!

Kanye West For President 2020–any thoughts (Lol)?

Lydia BackHouse Actress

Haha Kim K as the First Lady… that would be a strange one. I think america should go back to electing politicians in 2020!

Taylor Swift much lol. Donald Trump Or Anti Donald Trump?

Haha nope, I just think people should just stick to what they are good at! Anti Donald trump.

Right, lol. Speaking about music, i did preview your songs–all three of them, they had a sorta ‘boy i love ya and boy bye’ type of vibe. Can you tell us more about that phrase of your life?

well that’s a long story… I actually wrote those songs when I was 16 and I was in a really happy long term relationship… the lyrics I wrote didn’t apply to my relationship at all until 5 years later. It was very strange, it was kind of like I predicted my future love life through my 16 year old selfs song writing. I guess it was because when I was writing those lyrics I was imagining what it would be like to have to leave my boyfriend at the time or if we were ever to split up. When I moved to America it was like the lyrics started coming true. Loosing your first love is the most heartbreaking thing in the world and it will always be hard for me, especially when it was my fault for leaving. It has helped me in my emotional self when it comes to acting though! Whenever I listen back to those songs it does remind me a lot of my ex but there all happy memories, especially him playing the songs on his acoustic guitar and me singing along! I know he is very happy which is great!

Valentine day is a coming…expecting any box of chocolates, wrist corsage and flowers?

I learnt to never “expect” things when it comes to men. I do have a nice romantic dinner planned though… with my best mate!

Harley Quinn Or Cat Woman?

Harley Quinn, she’s crazy!!

Let’s steal the bat mobile and take a trip down memory lane to sometime around 1995 Sheffield–but before we go down the rabbit hole. I peeped a tweet earlier, you saying Sheffield drivers are worst then LA drivers.

…Can you talk more on that?

Sheffield drivers are so slow and are not tactical at all! Speed limits are optional right? Haha 1995 I was only a baby!!

Lydia BackHouse Red Carpet

Lol…yeah they are. Baby–but still i believe you probably do have some flashbacks about that, care to share?

Hmmm, I don’t recall any flashbacks until after the age of 4 really! I was the cheekiest, chubbiest ungraceful child there was so that was me! I remember that we use to have a toffee hammer in the kitchen drawer and I would ALWAYS get it and pretend to fix the outside gate, it was a fave hobby of mine! i’ve just remembered my favourite ever memory… we went on a family trip to this place called the butterfly garden and my grandmas sister, Aunty Beryl, bought my older sister and I a stick insect… as a pet. I can’t imagine how happy my mum and dad must of been! Anyway we got it out of its plastic habitat box full of leaves and sticks and put it in our hands. Well as soon as that thing started crawling up my arm I started slapping it and it died… reason number 1 why I hate insects!! It was a kind of “you have to be there” moment!” I had the most amazing childhood, I was very blessed and still am! I thank my lucky stars everyday to be a part of my family!

Spiders–love ’em or hate ’em?

hate hate hate, hate hate hate, double hate, LOATH entirely!


Beautiful butterflies… how can you not like butterflies? Moths on the other hand are horrific hairy wannabes.

Sheffield Youth Theatre, the Genesis–the beginning of your blossoming acting career. Can you help us relive that moment with you–can you take us back to that moment?

Yes absolutely, I remember everything! I was 7 and I remember seeing auditions for “much ado about nothing” I had no clue what it was but it was being performed at the crucible and to me, that is an amazingly experience for a 7 year old! I remember at the audition they just wanted to see how free we were and how creative in movement we were! I got a letter a week later saying I got in! I was so excited, my first acting role! I was the youngest in the entire cast which made me feel great! I picked up Shakespeare really quickly, I just understood it and could learn it. The first time I got on stage, as cliche as it sounds, it was a feeling like no other. I got to be that person who’s told such a magnificent story to hundreds of people. It made me realise how important acting and the arts were. I never went back!

So what was the transition process like between your first stage play to when you were 16 or there about?

Well from there I started a performance school in Leeds which I attended on Saturdays and I got a agent. I wanted to get a full education so I focused on all of that until i turned 17 and finished college and moved to LA! I was training for acting school my whole life but I put my performance training all to the weekend so I could focus on school in the week.

Two scripts, one choice–Recovering alcoholic trying to gain full custody of her kids back from social works while struggling with the urge to drink, SAG standard pay $2500 Or High Posh’ed Princess on entering college suddenly finds herself in the nerdy-unpopular strata of the social cycle and finds it difficult to adjust to receiving less attention, attempts to commit suicide but finds comfort in her therapist; No budget no pay?

The recovering alcoholic would be more of a challenging role for me. The posh’ed princess role is my type cast so I would like that role but it’s nice to have a change every now and then not I feel I got the choice!

Favorite Role?

Oh i fall in love with every role i play, you become that character so it’s very hard to pick just one. I loved Lily Belle in The curious Savage, I had so much fun with her!!

The Curious Savage? Lily Belle? I don’t think i caught wind of that–Care to play script writer on this and tell us more?

It is a play by John Patrick and it’s a wonderful comedy. I played the daughter of the lead women and she was a very “posh’ed princess” (told you it’s my type cast) the script was just so funny, she was a ruthless bitch and would do anything to get her mothers money even though her mother disliked her. I’m terrible at explaining a story so it might be easier to wiki it but I would highly suggest reading the script if you’re wanting a laugh… i loved it so much because the humour was very sarcastic and dry.

Comedy Or Drama?


I see you more off like a Kaley Cuoco kinda gal?

Maybe in my day to day life. I am quite an outgoing funny person but I enjoy drama more when it comes to my acting. I do still love comedy and I would love to be in a sit com but I’d rather be in a period drama!

Could that also translate to you prefer tv/reality tv roles to box office movie roles?

I deffo would prefer a box office movie role, I think any actor would! Reality tv is deffo not my thing!

Any particular reason you think so–i mean in reference to every actor having preference to movie roles rather than tv series. Are you basing these off more on the ratio of pay to exposure over more on getting fewer air time?

Well maybe not every actor but all the screen actors that I know of, their ultimate goal is to be in box office movies. I mean, tv is how a lot of movie stars start out. It’s not about the pay as such. I’m not saying one is better than the other, I’m just saying if you look at all the big sitcoms and to shows a lot of the actors have gone on to be in big movies.

Lydia BackHouse HeadShot

Nice…don’t mind me was probably just pulling your legs on that one. I do agree with you on that. Have you done any TV series though?

No I haven’t. I’ve done a few webseries which is sort of the same set up.

I’m guessing that falls into Double detectives, Climax, The Bear, Daddy’s Dearest, Visceral reaction and Church?

Climax and party foul are the only webseries I’ve done! They were fun!

So double detective, Visceral reaction, Daddy’s Dearest, The Bear, Church are they movies or short comedy?

They are all shorts except forbidden church which is a feature 🙂

So tell me what was your first gig when you left Sheffield for LA?

Well i went to school for two years when I first got to LA. When I graduated my first gig was a magic minerals bronzer shoot which was basically a beauty shoot. It was fun to be back working after being at school for so long.

Was that like for a commercial?

Yeah, it was an informercial actually and they needed a british girl because it was for a company that was based in Harrogate, England.

Ok, So what came up next?

A lot more commercials and then shorts and then I just kept making great connections in every direction and it lead to me being cast in some amazing movies that will be filming in 2017! It’s all in the networking!

Pretty Hurts?

That’s yet to be filmed. That was actual an idea that me and my international friends had and it’s still a working progress!

Can you give us a little backdrop of the theme of the film though?

It’s basically about the realty of international girls who are here in the US and how much harder it is for international actors to work in the US and how the industry is so obsessive of looks and image ans how it doesn’t always help to be pretty…

So is it kind of a documentary film?

Not exactly. We all play our different roles, but we have included a lot of real life scenarios within the script. There is still a lot of work to do so it’s still in the first stages.

You did mention working around other projects this year. Can you tell us more about that?

I can’t tell you anything more than what was put in my last press release unfortunately as it’s all very hush hush at the moment until the production company releases the cast list and starts promoting the film!

Actress Lydia BackHouse HeadShot

Fair enough. Does this have anything to do with why you back out in sheffield as of now?

Yes and no! I came home for Christmas but it has worked in well with work too.

So you working around a project right now?

A lot of script reading and decision making at the moment!

Sounds awesome…would we be hearing more music from you though?

Haha that’s a tough one… I’d love to write some more songs but I’d need someone to help produce it! I would also need some inspiration on what to write about. My life has been so career driven for the past 3 years that all i have to write about is my work haha!

Lol, i totally get that. This has been an amazingly interesting interview…any final thoughts you had like to share with the readers though?

Hmm, usually when I say my thoughts out loud I get into trouble haha! All I will say is… if you got to the end of this interview, thanks for reading, you’re a lovely person! Thanks to dani for putting up with my slow replies and asking fun questions 🙂

Lol, You welcome. I had an awesome time.

For more updates on Pretty Hurts or you just want to keep in touch with Lydia Backhouse visit her website here

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