Kehlani New Album Sweet Sexy Savage


Kehlani tells it like it is–The suicide squad I need a gangsta singer packs a lot of attitude and raw emotions with the release of her second studio album Sweet Sexy Savage.

No stranger to creating catchy tunes and chart popping songs–sweet sexy savage is pretty much well on its way to joining the ranks of her You should be here Billboard dubbed first great R&B album Of 2015.

Sweet Sexy Savage kicks off with a spoken word drenched in powerful lyricism and urban dexterity–kind of like an open letter to anyone whose still yet to catch up with what she’s about.

My condolences to anyone whose ever lost me/ And to anyone who got lost in me/ Or to anyone who ever took a loss with me/ Apologises for the misunderstanding/…I’m afraid you under the impression i was made to please you/ I was under the impression you understood me better/ The truth is i’m a super woman/ And some days i’m an angry woman/ And some days i’m a crazy woman/…For still searching for someone to understand me better//She raps.

And with the second track KEEP ON she connects the listeners to the opening intro giving off a broader concept–here she welcomes the listeners to see her rebel-unapologetic side fused with unconditional love and acceptance from her significant other.

You can hear her sing–You can yell, you can curse and call me a bitch/ Probably have the right to do/ You can tell the world i’m a narcisst, i would think they listen to you/ Cause i ain’t did the best that i could have been/ I ain’t do the Shit I shoulda did/ But every time i come crawling on my knees/ You are there, baby you just keep on taking me back/ And i don’t know why you do, because i’m no good to you/ And you just keep on taking me back in your open arms/Baby i belong//

It registers a message of Love isn’t perfect but yet the heart wants what the heart wants

Next on is DISTRACTION, the melodic composition tends to have that Toni Braxton’s 80’s R&B and Spice Girls 80’s pop influence.

This a sweet contrast to KEEP ON, it details very relatable daily occurrence–it paints a picture of an independent woman looking for a open the door for ya-bend you back outs better half as a distraction (sweet escape) from her crazy-busy paperwork stressed life. And at the same time, she’s sorta trying to ascertain if he respects it or just sporting fish.

Following up with PIECE OF MIND, she draws the listeners to bad habits and toxic relationships she’s trying to break off from.

Next on is an R&B effort with an Aloha summer california mid tempo pop beat.

UNDERCOVER details a narrative which builds around those relationships where people from the outside trying to look in, and giving they own different this or that opinions why you shouldn’t be together; but defying all odds still stick together.

Following is CRZY; this is one of my favorite tracks, it has an experimental-industrial ambience sythn lead echoed in a 1/9 step chopped up in and out tremolo arp and an 808 kickish-snare.

CRZY in this context is more of an empowering theme song rather then behavioral tendencies–here she is all about been ambitiously passionate about pretty much anything (everything) you tryna get by with in life, and having that turn down for what attitude basically for every daring situation.

She sings Everything i do, i do it with passion/ If i got to be a bitch, i’m a be a bad one/…bounce back came through while we target practice/ Pull up scores when i want to/…i’m just counting counting counting blessings/…I go, i go, i go, i go crae-ay-ay-ay-zee//

Next on is PERSONAL, She gets personal with this registering her appreciation for the real ones who held (holds) it down with her and addresses those who slept up on her come up and she’s like don’t take it personal we could have been…

And following up is NOT USED TO IT, this effort gives off that Motown Neo Soul-Jazz vibe accompanied with a mild trap hop beat.

NOT USED TO IT throws you into a backdrop of (her) Family, society, moral decay, violence that people have tend to take as normal and she’s like i’m not use to it–with this effort she also gives the listeners another front row view to her life.

She talks about East Bay, The death (absence) of her dad being raised by her Granny–Typical Story of an ugly girl/…Mom ran away, Daddy up above/Out of 14 i guess it made me tough/ Used to roll up on the East side/i cracking off forties by the seaside/ Lose a nigga every week to a drive by/ Hold books shove a stol–bind his eyes/ I don’t mean, i don’t mean for it to sound so damn common/ i don’t mean, i don’t mean to sound like i’m just jawsing/ But when i say-start to open up to you/ Is how to get close to you/ I want it with everything in it, you wanted/ You say i’m in love with you/ But i’m not used to it, i’m not used to it, i’m not (i’m not)/ I’m not used to it, i’m not used to it hey (hey)/i’m not used to it, i’m not used to it, i’m not (i’m not)/ i’m not used to it, i’m not used to it (i’m not used to it)/Uuuuh uh uh (Uuuuh uh uh) , Uuuuh uh uh/ one day, one day (Uuuuh uh uh) one day/ Uuuuh uh uh (Aye) Uuuuh uh uh (Aye-Ye-ye-yeah) Uuuuh uh uh// she sings.

And next on slides in a love ballad EVERYTHING IS YOURS–it talks about love and sacrifices, it talks about she putting everything aside and making him come first.

Following up is ADVICE, it sort of paints a backdrop of knowing he or she ain’t right for you but you keep sticking around and she’s like Knowing better it’s time to take her own advice.

Next on is DO U DIRTY, with this single she recoils back to her rebel-unapologetic side. She kind of turn the reverse on ADVICE, here the backdrop gives more of an Beyonce If i were a boy-JLO’s I ain’t your mama silhouette.

Following up is ESCAPE, it sort of registers that shy girl typeset in love with him but has that big What If question of will he love me back–Admiring you from a distance/ Scared to make a move/ Didn’t want to be distracting, you be all up in your groove/ It’s strange to me, the one who loves someone whose raw all by themself/ I hate for you to search for someone else/ Because i don’t want you thinking that my love is in vain/…because i can’t let you, make me your (your) everything/ I just want to be an escape, i just want to be an escape// she sings.

Next on is TOO MUCH, this is a little close to Khloe Kardashian’s Revenge Body subtle post break up song more or less. It more of registers recognizing your self worth in a relationship built around lies.

Following up is GET LIKE, the beat is sort of playful and sort of the element that makes it catchy. It has that Shabba Ranks jungle jingle–cowbells compressed dance clappy kick with an accompanying bubbly mid tempo synth pop pad.

This confessional pop love ballad builds around feelings and affections you get for that special someone. GET LIKE Pretty much translates to that person who makes you lose every sense of yourself -jaw dropped-mouth drooling-head over stilettos for.

Next On is IN MY FEELINGS, this is another bubbly effort. It sort of takes you back with the New Edition’s If it isn’t love why do i feel this way sampling opener.

IN MY FEELINGS rolls of the same concept of GET LIKE but with a little bit of contrast, it sorta opens drapes to a stage built around a toxic relationship–she plays the girl who feels (knows) she been ill treated but still get weak in the knees-butterflies in her tommy emotions when he comes around and she’s kinda asking why am i still in this.

Opening to the next track HOLD ME BY THE HEART the tempo slows down with the help of the moody acoustic strokes, it centers around finding love again after a bad break up (relationship) and seeking reaffirmation that it would last.

Next On is THANK YOU, i think it would have made a good outro but it’s coming two steps before–its a really cool effort though.

THANK YOU is an open letter of appreciation to fans and supporters for their acceptance of her perfect or flawed, helping her grow–supporting her through the journey and growth.

Picking up tempo we are introduced to I WANNA BE is a synth pop with an hip hop influence. I WANNA BE sort of begs the question tell me what you love, cause i wanna be the only one you love.

And the final track is the Suicide squad’s soundtrack GANGSTA. She kind of coins into the character of Harley Quinn–freak and built tough, gangsta in this case would translate to finding that special someone who can handle the mood swings-freaky extra stuff, straighten her up and pretty much call short gun on whatever with her.

…And also available on amazon

Following the release of the album, Kehlani would be kicking off a world tour from February 18 to promote the album sweet sexy savage for venues and tour dates you can visit KehlaniMusic

Loved the album? I would like to see your favorite pick(s) from the album in our comments below.


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