Alexi Blue New EP Tri Me

Alexi Blue

Young upcoming singer Alexi Blue releases new EP Tri Me.

The sweet lovey dovey i don’t wanna wait singer takes a different 180 sweet soar patch approach with her debut EP.

Having been connected with music her whole life, from owning and horning her skills on the guitars at the age of 10, performing open mics at 12 and a passion to invite listeners into her personal experiences.

Tri Me EP, The 3 track collection takes you through a go lucky-chirpy to emotional loop of love, relationships and break up – make up pop ballads.

The opening track PERFECT MESS is a pop rock effort with an amazing underlying 1/4 step soft arpeggio acoustics string strokes.

It details falling in love with your imperfectly-perfect self and owning it regardless of what anybody says–Sometimes i’m mildly psychotic, i laugh at other people’s logic/ If you don’t get me then get out/…i’m different i’m crazy, i’m brushing them out/You think you know me, i’m telling you no/You (you wont) you, you wont change me/You (you can’t) you, You can’t make me/ You (you don’t) you don’t break me / I’m a perfect mess and it’s obvious baby// she sings.

I feel it breaks beyond the relationship compatibility border, it’s an empowering self love anthem that kind of let’s you embrace your flaws, scars and perfections while still in a quest to improve yourself–if you and only you think you should.

The following track SOLO RIDE is my favorite, whenever i’m listening to it–i simply can’t help myself from snapping my fingers, tilting my head left to right and jiggy-wobbling my feet. I love how the acoustic plucks fuses with the soft airy cello stroke pad and chill back drum kicks.

SOLO RIDE is an electronic pop effort, it builds a narrative around a toxic relationship with reminisces of the sweet beginnings wondering where it all went wrong and the indecisiveness to stay or leave.

And the final track ICE COLD is a pop effort with a little R&B influence, this apple doesn’t quite fall far from the opening track.

It’s an expressive unapologetic anthem, it kinda draws the listener into a compatibility debate-whose right or wrong battle with a need for acceptance.

Tri Me EP, I think is a pretty cool outfit to say hey (pop) music lovers there’s someone new in town…can’t wait to see what’s next on her upcoming projects.

If you loved the EP and want to stick around, you can follow up on Alexi Blue Official Facebook @Alexi.Blue Twitter @AlexiBlue Instagram @AlexiBlue

…hey, did you love the songs? Which was your favorite? Let us know in the comments.


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