T.J Miller The Bridge Sets To Release New Album Pure Imagination

Musical Act TJ Miller The Bridge

Camille, Georgia’s upcoming musical act T.J Miller The Bridge is gearing up to release his second album PURE IMAGINATION.

The album PURE IMAGINATION is scheduled for release on January 14, 2017. And would be made available on Google Play, Spotify, Amazon MP3 and more.

Not trying to be boxed into a specific genre, this preacher’s kid will be giving you a different experience as compared to his first gospel record album FEARLESS: The Freedom Project Vol. 1.

The second album PURE IMAGINATION if it’s anything as it’s lead single MOAN, it will be having a lot of R&B, Soul and Jazz music influences.

The single MOAN has an 80’s kick accompanied with an 80’s clap and cymbal. A melodic cathedral orchestra organ stabs and choir piano synth pad lead, a heavy gospel-soul and jazz influence with a hint of R&B intonation.

It details having a strong emotional feeling for someone. You like a drug i wanna get high/ Can’t get enough, Won’t be satisfied/…Sometimes i moan (moan)/Moan for you yeah/Cause i can’t live my life without you baby// , He sings.

With a bit of help from the orchestric formation giving off a kind of funerary requiem – moody soul music vibe, it sorta embodies a lot of raw emotions and desires, the till-death-do-us-apart kind and builds up beyond that.

Consumed with feelings and affections, the endearing sentiments is paired with sultry towering vocal rolls and reverb(ed) resonating background vocal echos.

If you loved this single, and would want to keep up with more updates from the artist as the countdown to the album release continues, you can visit tjmillerthebridgemusicdotcom. You can also follow up on his Facebook, twitter and instagram

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