How To Beat The Frost This Winter

Fall Fashion Inspiration, Sophie Mae, Fashion Stylist

Winter is coming…dragon flames smashing against white walkers frost–oh wait i forgot this isn’t game of thrones.

And you don’t have to spend up to a dragon’s scales budget to prepare for the upcoming frost.

Timeless and still a go to look is still the good old 80’s kickback cardie denim jeans skirt look.

It never gets old and still definitely a strut through the runway stole the show look.

Fall Fashion 2016, Sweater on denim jeans skirt

If you light skinned; yellow, beige, pink or carlton brown could be a pretty cool hue to go with the sweater.

If you brown or chocolate skinned a chestnut brown hue would be a nice in the blend look to have around your cardie.

But if you looking to make your skin pop, your best hue selections would be black or hazelnut grey.

And for an alternative look for the bottom you could go for a distressed jeans skirt and an over the knee boots.

Or you could go with leggings underneath denim skirt look and some matching miu miu ballerina flats to go.

Cute Preppy Fall Fashion Look

For the fall, that Kanye late registration preppy look is another way to go.

You can also mix up the cardie on buttoned sleeves with some touch of an oversized plaid scarf to keep those flakes off your neck.

Alternative look for the bottom you can go with a ripped or distressed jeans with little (in-out) folds by the ankle on sneakers look.

You can also switch it up with plaid skirts over the knees socks on flats school girl ensemble.

For a sporty look, you can try out some oversized ribbed cardie on jeans pants to go with leg warmers and a high top sneaker or Ugg boots.

Ribbed Oversized Cardigan, Denim Jeans Pants

For some accessories you can add up a big bennie hat to go.

And if you want to go for a little extra sophistication you could rock out the Kylie stretched fabric look.

Kylie Jenner, Stretched Fabric Evening Wear

With a draped or camel coat and over the kneels faux leather boots.

….Sorry about the spoiler alert, if you follow Game Of Thrones though you had know at some point flames and blizzards will be slashing through the air.

But hey i like to hear how you wearing or planning on wearing your wardrobe this fall. Let us know on the comment boxes.


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