Sculpt Your Body Into The Shape You Desire Without Breaking A Sweat

Angelina Petraglia
Photo Credit: Angelina Petraglia

On a regular day just like this while doing some Qigong-meditation exercises, I was interrupted with some distorted thoughts (it was a pretty good interruption by the way) and light bulbs just started going on in my head and there came the birth of what you are about to read.

The beauty industry i would say is pretty much one of the richest niches with its continous timeless shades of hues, gloss and what not.

It’s believed that a lot of money is poured into the demand and purchase of beauty products in the pursuit of looking best to perfection as humanly possible.

But then again beauty is pretty simple, it all boils down to leverage really. I mean how you think is how you feel, You can be slim, athletic or fat and be comfortable in your skin, but undoubtedly there are exceptional scenarios though.

Mrs A. Winston, 50 years young worries that her husband (who keeps stealing looks at younger girls) might decide to leave her one day, a plusible solution would be to look sexier (not necessarily raunchy sexy more like eyesglasses-suit-pencil-skirt-secretary sexy).

Or A stay at home mom with kids with active imagination and amped up energy. Staying up to your toes on the wheres and whats your kids are up to is going to be your highest priority, and getting that gym subscription for 3 days a week workout would be a money-go-byebye plan.

There’s FAT and there is (P)retty (H)ot (A)nd (T)hick and sometimes you pretty much just want to be on the Phat side for better working front-desk-CRM to create a Smiley-Face-You-Welcome-To-Our-Firm office relations sorta thing.

There is a simple way you can get those goals achieved without breaking a sweat or two.

Nope, its not toilet huggy-finger to throat-bleh binge or going on a fad diet binge.

But there are cardios, walking, running, zumba fitness work outs or acai berry cleansing. But then again it all comes down to time management you might not have plenty leisure of.

…So when all of that fails what next?

Zing get you a waist cincher, be your own personal trainer.

You don’t have to lift no bar bells, dung bells or anything heavy. All you got to do is just slip it on and let the magic begin.

Just get on with what you doing and watch it compress those extra love handles and slim out those cellulites.

Get Waisted Toned While Working

And the pretty cool part is you can wear as an under garment while you at your 9-5, your 8-6 or whatever your working hours falls into.

But if you have an unrealistic goal to loss a certain amount of Lbs in a month then this isn’t for you.

Here are some of my recommendations on where to get ’em Click here and here

Would love to hear feedbacks on your healthy weight loss journey on our comment boxes.

Angelina Petraglia is the CEO of ADreamgroup model and talent management agency Miami


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